The small, intimate, and imperfect moments are the ones worth capturing

The Wedding Experience 

You're in the right place, let's get started!

Your wedding experience is finally here and man are we so excited for this part of your story to begin! 

Whether you've been dreaming about this day since you were a kid, or this day is kinda surprising you (and maybe scaring you, but ya know, in the best way possible lol) because you didn't expect to find your person so soon, you are in the right place! And ooooo we can't tell you how amazing marriage is and how incredible this part of your story is going to be. 

Weddings are meant to be real, genuine, and FUN!

After shooting weddings for 4 years, we cannot tell you how much fun and how amazing weddings are. And it all starts with you being true to yourself and planning a day that truly represents you and your person.

When it comes to photography, its so important to find photographers that match your energy and vision and 

someone that you can trust to be part of literally one of the most important days in your life.

We believe in giving our clients an experience over anything else (and ya know, amazing photos haha) because connecting with amazing humans on an incredible day will leave you with a part of your story that is truly unmatched.

When we got married, we knew we wanted our day to be relaxed, carefree, fun and ultimately a chance to share our story with our closest family and friends. We chose photographers, who are now some of our best friends, that were kind, caring, fun, talented and so much more. At the end of the night, we had a wedding exit that ended in us running in the ocean (which was pretty epic haha) and our amazing photographers stayed an hour past their time so they could document it for us. This moment on our wedding day ended up creating an unforgettable wedding experience and we left our wedding feeling inspired, encouraged, and more connected to each other and that my friend, is priceless.

The reason we share this story is because this is exactly what we want for you and what we can provide for you because you deserve it! You deserve to have a day and honestly, many other days, full of love & celebration and be surrounded by people that value and love you for exactly who you are.

I Seriously Can’t Thank Them Enough For Making My Elopement Absolutely Perfect!!

Georgia & Micah made my Colorado elopement better than I could have ever imagined!!! From the moment we booked them they helped make my vision come to life. The are so genuine and made my husband and I VERY comfortable in front of the camera. I seriously can’t thank them enough for making my elopement absolutely perfect!! I also can’t thank them enough for traveling across the country to be there for us!!!

Intimate Wedding Package

Starting at $5,000

⟶ 5-6 hours of photo coverage
⟶ 500-800 fully edited images in a digital format
⟶ sneak peek photos with 24-72 hours
drone**restrictions may apply

Full Wedding Day Package

Starting at $7,000

⟶ 10 hours of photo coverage
⟶ 700-1500 fully edited images in a digital format
⟶ sneak peek photos with 24-72 hours
drone**restrictions may apply

Elopement Package

Starting at $3,000

⟶ 3-4 hours of photo coverage
⟶ 250-500 fully edited images in a digital format
⟶ sneak peek photos within 24-72 hours
drone**restrictions may apply

Let's capture your story

The Investment

Add Ons

Super 8 Video


Extra Coverage

$500 each additional hour

Film Photography


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for photos and/or video?

We aim to get you your photos and video completed within 4 weeks; however, videos and photos can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on our schedule, but we try our best to get everything by a 4 week mark! 

How will I receive my photos and/or video?

You will receive your photos through a digital format through PASS. We will send you a link through your email and it will take you to the PASS website where you can access all of your photos! You are even able to purchase prints through your PASS gallery if needed. You will receive your video through a Vimeo link that will allow you to download your video to your device.

 ***We recommend you download the photos and video and save it to your computer or other devices so you 100% know you have it and have access to it!

Do you travel? What are your travel fees?  

Oh yes! We love to travel and have done quite a few destination weddings and elopements! Our travel fees vary from client to client but on average, we will charge airfare if applicable, gas if applicable, and 2-3 nights hotel stay. 

How do you keep our photos and videos secure? 

We shoot on cameras that dual-record, meaning your photos and video are getting recorded to 2 SD cards. Once we arrive home, we upload all your footage and phots on to a hard drive and keep your SD cards in a fire proof and water proof safe until everything is delivered :) 

How early should I reach out?

As early as possible! We are now booking up our year by the end of January so the earlier you reach out the better. However, please don't feel like you are too late because we may have availability depending on the month and time of year your wedding is. 

How do I post the photos and videos with the best quality?

Make sure to download the photo if wanting to post and not to screen shot it! When screenshotted, it will take away the quality of the photo when posted and we want to make sure you are posting its truest quality! When you are downloading the video, make sure to download the video with the 4k option from Vimeo! This will give you the best quality when you post to various social media platforms!

Do you create/develop prints?

No, we do not do printing! However, you are able to print through your PASS gallery! You do have access and rights to your photos once received so you are welcome to print your photos through whatever platform you choose! We recommend PASS for your printing needs! 

How it works! 

Connect with us now

1. Fill out an inquiry form

Fill out the form on our inquiry page with as much detail as possible and we will be in touch with our investment guide and more details about the booking process. 

2. Schedule a consultation call with us

Once you inquire with us, you will receive a link to schedule a free consultation call with us where we will meet, go over your wedding vision, answer any questions you may have, and make sure we are a good fit for one another.

3. Sign contract and send in deposit

Once we consult, confirm we are available for your date and feel we would make a great match, we will send you a contract and invoice over HoneyBook and once the contract is signed and the 25% deposit is sent in, then you are SET!! 


G&M Visions is a Husband and Wife Destination Wedding & Elopement Photography and Film Duo based in Charleston, South Carolina.